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October 2021

So you have the choice of moving to London where we can unfortunately only pay you half or else I’m afraid it’s redundancy at the end of December. 

The tone of the e-mail was pretty clear.  All those corporate values promised, all the hours spent answering company surveys, the town halls, the ethics and compliance training….all culminating in this weasel mail. Our modest Swiss salaries had come into focus on the corporate Excel sheet, and now they wanted to close down the Nyon office. 

All thanks to the weak pound and the strong franc….

That reminds me.  Exchange rates need to be a central part of any stock management app.  No good spending 1200 francs buying $1000 worth of Amazon, swilling back the champagne when it sells for $1250, only to discover that converting it back to Swiss francs gives you a measly CHF 990. 

Oh no, not at all.  I’ve learned my lesson.