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November 2021

I rubbed my hands with excited anticipation. I can almost smell fat Christmas turkeys and caviar. Not even 4 months and we're up more than 8%. The system is working!  But wait. Just as I'm mopping up the drool and managing my excitement, turbulence hits me right in the solar plexus.  Oh no - back down to 3%. It's a taper tantrum, no it's fear of inflation. Or maybe just plain old Covid-19?  No one seems to know.  Hmm - what are the donkeys saying? Well they've recommended 36 trades this month. So for the moment I'm sticking with them.

Of course following those "sell" recommendations means crystalising any profits or losses. That can play havoc with human nature, and my inner human is screaming at me "No - don't sell at a loss - they may go back up again!". 

I hate ignoring my inner human, but I remind myself that the strengh of this algorithm is that human emotions are banished.  The program isn't greedy or panicky, but just langourously logical, like a lazy lizard, lashing out at passing locusts with its long loopy tongue.  Yes, the caviar will have to wait, my stomach still isn't quite right.