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December 2021

In retrospect, I should have bought the tickets to Barbados.  Ed was on the line enthusing about his new beach villa. 

"Hey where else would you prefer to spend New Year? Surely not with the unwashed masses on the ski slopes - those crowds are shocking. And besides I'm giving a beach party!".

"I'm not quite made of money yet you know..." I stuttered.  

In truth the comparison between "airport security gorillas plus covid mask wearing torture" versus "a relaxing homely Christmas with the family, and the lockdown-puppy" was no contest. 

"But surely your algorithm has given you a bit of loose change by now" he smirked down the line.  

"Well, yes it has - to a degree....", I stuttered. No, Ed wouldn't smirk, I'm doing him an injustice.  He's made millions by not smirking and it's primarily his personality that makes people want to do lucrative business with him.

In truth, the algorithm has been moderately successful - 5% in 5 months is giving me a tidy profit of around CHF 5250. That would easily pay for an air ticket, and I would finish off the year smiling, ahead overall. And let's be clear the markets have had more waves in them since August than Covid. Looking back, that was already a warning sign...

I break it to him gently that I'm not coming, just as I hear the postman delivering my recalculated tax bill for 2020, payable within 10 days. Yes, it's going to be difficult to join the one-percenters with bills like that...